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Intranets & Portals:
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Almost every company today has a corporate portal or intranet. For employees, intranets and portals can lead to substantial productivity improvements and cost savings. For customers or partners, portals make it easier to do business with you.

  • Design Factors: ease of navigation, relevance of design elements, validity of graphics
  • Content: stored information, for example an employee directory
  • Features: tools and support systems, for example self-service benefit forms

We believe that portals have great potential. They can be the venue by which companies recognize significant return through improved productivity, reduced costs, collaboration across an enterprise, and customer and employee satisfaction.

Before these can be realized, however, companies must first understand and cater to their users, and then instill in them the value they can gain by using the portals.

So, if you build it will they come? No. But, they will come if you build it for them.

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