Interactive Presentations
  Video Production
  CD-ROM & Custom Kiosk Design
  Product Demo's
  CBT's & e-Learning
  CD-Business Cards
  360 - Degree VR's
  DVD- Authoring
  3D-Modeling & Animation
Interactive Presentations:
Need an impressive report or presentation? Successful companies are increasingly using cutting edge technology and designs to promote their products and services.
The multimedia designers at Treble Media utilize the latest of digital technology to assure that our clients' presentations impress their audiences. We have experience in Flash, Powerpoint, Product Demos, 3D modeling, and more.

Have you considered marketing with CD-ROMs?
Multimedia CD-ROMs provide a complete interactive marketing solution for businesses and organizations to get their message across. As the best form of in-hand marketing, CD-ROMs let you do what print and web cannot: deliver a message to your customer that will stick with them forever.
How can a CD-ROM be used?
At Creative Tomorrow, we created a jam packed multimedia experience that can showcase:
Our Multimedia Services Include:
  • Interactive Presentation
  • CD-ROM and Custom Kiosk design
  • Product Demo's
  • CBT's & e Learning
  • CD-Business Card
  • DVD-Authoring
  • 3D-Modeling & Animation
  • Film & Video
What can be included on a CD-ROM?
You can add music, video, text, images and animation to give your CD-ROM a compelling atmosphere for your viewers.
What works best?
The Multimedia CD-ROM is perfect for trade show handouts or company profiles and portfolios or anyone who wishes to hand out a very informative multimedia presentation.
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