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Many companies are facing a daunting challenge - how can they easily add and edit content on their Web site? We're not talking about a few changes here and there. In many cases, we are talking about thousands of pages of ever-changing content.

Our in-depth experience has proven that the solution is more complex than simply selecting a content management system (CMS) software package. Changing work processes is also a critical factor.


CMS Technology Selection


Different CMS technologies offer trade-offs between flexibility, ease of use, and scalability. At the same time, we closely look at the "total cost of ownership," which includes licensing, implementation and ongoing support and maintenance. This decision should be based on the business case for deploying CMS, and the features that will lead to the most critical business objectives. We have extensive experience with Interwoven, Microsoft CMS and Vignette packages.


Changing Work Processes


At the same time, we evaluate business processes and current workflows, such as your site guidelines, standards, site management, and information governance. By doing so, we will integrate content management into people's work processes, which is mandatory for successful implementation.


The results for our clients have included:

  • Reduced maintenance costs due to content authoring tool
  • Higher quality content due to distributed content contributors
  • More consistency due to flexible branded templates
  • Creation of a centralized content repository for distribution across multiple channels, regions and multiple languages
  • Knowledge transfer from our tech team to establish in-house skills and experience in tier-one content management solutions

Contact us to find out how we can help you successfully implement a content management system.

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