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These are a great way for your marketing and sales team to utilise web-based info on the fly, by creating web based content on the cd-rom. The cd-rom uses a certain amount of structure and content on the card, however, the card can link directly to other web based series live when used in conjunction with a pc connected to the Internet.


For example, you may have a company introduction video on the card and a link to your latest products and prices, as we all know products and prices change on a regular basis, if this runs from a web application, the information never goes out of date! Saving you in print and brochure reruns.


Below are samples of a marketing campaign run from the Environment agency - this is a flood awareness campaign and shows the user relevant information on what to with flood awareness?

Features / Advantages:
  • 50 MB of digital storage
  • Holds audio, video, text, or a combination of all media
  • Plays in standard tray-style CD players
  • Fits in wallet, pocket or purse
  • Use a standard CD writer to burn your content onto the cards
  • Vinyl business card sleeves are included with business card CD-Rs
get Macromedia FLASH Player 7