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CBT's & e-Learning:
Computer based training and distance learning using the CBT method is now one of the preferred ways to train employees for any type of activity from computer skills to sales methods to your company's rules and regulations. Through the use of CBT and "e learning" a business can save money, use time more efficiently, and provide a consistent learning medium for their employees.
Why CBT and Flash tutorials useful for you
  • Distance learning allows you to develop a digital training program exactly the way you want it and have it's content delivered exactly the same way every time it is used. Instructors will often change their program to suit their needs and tend to vary the delivery of information each time they teach.
  • CBT and e learning tutorials can be delivered any time and anywhere a computer is available. No more need to organize all your employees at the same time, thus disrupting the function of your business. Employees can be trained during off hours, holidays, lunch breaks, or even at home before coming to start their new jobs.
  • Distance learning is a one time expense. Once you have paid for the tutorial to be built you can use it over and over without any charge (try that with an instructor). Unlimited copies of the CD-ROM or web site can be replicated at will.
  • Interactive testing on the tutorials allows for your employee to test him/herself and be directed back to those areas where improvements need to be made. The computer does all the grading so you don't have to.
Integrate CBT into your website:
Computer based training is not just for CD Rom applications. You
can integrate your employee training right over the net. Save tons of cash by allowing your workers to study and train from their own houses.
CBT is also a great way to screen potential employees via your website. We can implement a tutorial situation followed by testing so that you can evaluate potential employees without an in-person interview.
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